Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission


M.C.E. Society’s A.K.K. New Law Academy, Pune is a dynamic, creative learning institution that strives to meet challenges by providing innovative solutions leading to learning breakthroughs for all students. It is dedicated to establish strong, just upright minds and develop the talents of the students thereby to discover their greatness. We are here to empower every individual with knowledge and confidence.


The aim of M.C.E. Society’s A.K.K. New Law Academy is to cater to the needs of the students of all communities in general of minorities and backward classes in particular and to provide them required amenities, assistance and help for their upliftment by  giving opportunity in joining the legal profession and make them an able, confident, competent, efficient and well trained advocates.

  • The College aims that the students should understand the basic concepts and procedure of law and become self sufficient to carry out the necessary research on any legal problems that may come their way.
  • The College aims to promote the understanding of law in its social, economic, political, and scientific contexts.
  • The College seeks to assimilate rich cultural values with justice oriented legal learning.
  • The College provides a major force in the intellectual, cultural and economic life of its students with the objectives of creating a world class learning process.
  • The College has embraced a secular culture of experimentation, communication and commitment to the society.
  • The College aims not only to convert laymen into lawmen but to mobilize the youth creating dynamic law professionals.
  • The College plays a vital role in over all development of students by organizing legal aid camps, guest lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops etc.

Our Goals

1. To introduce and train the students in basic skills of law practice and to promoteunderstanding and reflection on the ways in which students best learn from experience.


2. To inculcate high standards of learning and ethical practice by offering students theopportunity in a supervised, reflective and analytical setting to shoulder responsibilities, rewards, frustrations, temptations and ethical dilemmas involved in representing clients.


3. To increase and enhance strong habits of self- initiation, reflective learning and self- development, so that students will be able to attain high professional standards after graduation.


4. To increase and enhance understanding of legal doctrines and institutions.


5. To make the students confident and responsible citizens and advocate to serve both the society and the nation.


6. To advance and disseminate knowledge of law and research with a view to ensure its proper role in national development.


7. To develop in the students and research scholars a sense of responsibility to serve the society in the field of law by developing skills in advocacy, judicial and other legal services.


8. To secure highest quality in legal education for the purpose of getting standardized certification from accreditation agencies.