Our Alumni

Alumni Association Report


Alumni association meeting is conducted once in a year as a Alumni Meet of the College.  All the alumni are invited for the inaugural ceremony of Alumni Meet. The alumni students interact with present students, share their hobbies, play games and overall a informal atmosphere gets develop through this session among the students.


After the snack break, in the afternoon session Alumni Formal Meeting is also conducted.  In this meeting the alumni students interact with the Principal and the teaching staff. The meeting starts with welcoming the alumni, first the minutes of last meeting are readout and confirmed, then as per the agenda through discussion is conducted on different issues such as present scenario of Law, requirements and current case- trends were  discussed. Alumni also express their views regarding necessities of quality in students for fulfilling demand of present day lawyer.  Alumni are appealed to improve their attendance and register their names through college portal.  Lastly the meeting concludes  with vote of thanks.


Every year this meet is organized by Principal as a member Secretary, NSS Program officer as a member along with two more staff members and  past and present students.